About Our Grooming


Do you want your dog feeling fresh and clean at the end of their stay with us? When dogs play here at PPK they can get dirty and stinky! We believe it is healthy to dig holes, play in the rain, and roll in the mud!

How we Groom:

We do provide everything except hair cuts. We offer dematting, deshedding, and sanitary shaving. We are great at helping discover ear infections, removing ticks, getting out mats, and, providing an overall physical health check to make sure your pup is not only looking their best, but feeling their best as well!

You never know what you’ll find under all that fur!

Grooming Services

Full Groom


Size of Dog


Grooming Small $45
Grooming Medium $50
Grooming Large $55
Grooming Extra Large $70
*Full groom includes a coat brush out, bath (shampoo, face wash, conditioner), nail trim, teeth brushing, anal gland extraction, ear cleaning & blow out.

Bath Only


Size of Dog


Bath Only Small $20
Bath Only Medium $25
Bath Only Large $30
Bath Only Extra Large $35
*Size of dog is to be determined by groomer

A La Carte Services

Nail Trim $10
Ear Cleaning $10
Anal Gland Extraction $10
Teeth Brushing $10
Face Trim $15
Extra Dematting $15/30 min
Skunk Off $25


Owner must notify us of any health concerns and the dog's ability to have nails trimmed. A muzzle will be used as needed.  If a started service is unable to be completed due to stress or behavior, that service will be concluded and a prorated charge will be applied. Some ear cleaning and nail trimming services will be limited due to ear infections or elongated quick. Dogs may not be 100% dry upon pickup, however every effort is made to dry dogs completely. If a dog becomes soiled for any unhygienic reason, a $15 sanitary bath will be done per occurrence.