By engaging in business with Prairie Peak Kennels you hereby agree to the terms below.

“Prairie Peak Kennels” is abbreviated “PPK” herein. I agree this Liability Waiver refers to all services offered by PPK including, but not limited to: Daycare, Boarding, Breeding, Training, Grooming, Dog Transportation, and In Ground Fence Installation. This document holds PPK harmless for any/all injury and/or illness to myself and/or my dog(s) while in contact, presence, and vicinity of PPK owners and/or staff, on PPK property, or any other property where services are rendered, including my private property or residence. I do not hold PPK responsible or liable for any behavioral changes or issues that may have been acquired from PPK services rendered.
I waive any and all liability from PPK, its owners, employees, and volunteers should my dog(s) sustain any illness, injury, or death while in their care. I understand that PPK will make all efforts to notify me immediately of any serious illness, injury, or the death of my dog(s). I authorize PPK to take my dog(s) to the closest and/or most convenient veterinary clinic for treatment. I understand that I will be responsible for all vet charges resulting from their involvement with PPK services including transportation fee even if I, the owner, cannot be reached to provide this permission.
I grant permission to PPK to socialize my dog(s) off leash in the same fenced in area with direct contact to other dogs. I understand injury and/or illness may be caused by other dogs that come into contact with my dog(s). I acknowledge that PPK is not trained in veterinary care and cannot diagnose/determine/recognize illnesses/injuries that are occurring/have occurred/will occur with my dog(s), therefore, I hold PPK harmless and not liable for any medical problems my dog(s) have acquired. If I do not wish my dog(s) to interact with other dogs I will directly notify PPK and accept all terms and fees resulting in this special type of care. If my dog(s) escape and become lost I do not hold PPK responsible. I understand that I am solely responsible for my dogs health and behavior even when under the care of PPK.
PPK is not held accountable for any damage done by my dog(s) or other dogs to my personal property including, but not limited to: kennels, dog beds, blankets, toys, collars, leashes, dog clothing, dishes, food, or bags used to transport these items. I also release accountability from PPK should any of these items become lost.
In Ground Fence Service: I take full responsibility for any buried or exposed wires/hoses/conduits/pipes on my personal property that are damaged during the fence installation process. I agree that PPK is not held responsible for damage caused to grass, driveways, structure walls, irrigation systems, propane/internet/electrical/tv lines, any sort of landscaping, or any other personal property associated with my house or lawn. I will notify PPK of any lines that are buried less than 6” from the surface where digging will occur. I understand fence systems can break for many reasons and I do not hold PPK accountable for any problems the moment PPK leaves the jobsite.
Payment: I agree if PPK provides me with any amount of service, a corresponding charge is immediately applied according to current pricing at the time of service. I agree to the pricing and policies terms which I acknowledge are publically listed on Prairie Peak Kennels’ website, Prairie Peak Kennels’ Facebook page, and posted in the PPK office. I agree that some charges are automatically applied due to the circumstances that occur with my dog(s) including, but not limited to: house food charge, collar rental, late fees, emergency pickup or drop off, unscheduled pickup or drop off, sanitary bathing, separate kenneling charge for additional dogs, or privacy packages. I agree to pay for all charges at the time of pickup. I acknowledge that my dogs will not be allowed to leave PPK property until full payment is collected. I agree to pay 3% credit card fee for credit card payments. If a check or credit card is cancelled or bounced, I agree to pay for any bank fees associated with the problem. I agree to pay for all legal fees incurred by PPK in their attempt to collect a debt that I am responsible for.
I concur to this agreement in two ways. By physically engaging in the services of PPK and by signing below, I present to you my dog(s) in good health to the best of my knowledge. I have registered with PPK, all illnesses, injuries, and issues with my dog(s).  I have also presented PPK with all updated vaccination records from a veterinarian. I understand that PPK will only administer medications with a current date that are presented to PPK by myself, the owner.
I assert that I am at least 18 years of age and by personally completing the registration I agree to adhere to all PPK policies and this statement. I comply that once this statement is signed by me below, it will hold true and be valid indefinitely unless specifically revoked by a written, signed, and notarized statement requesting the revocation and by providing the original copy by certified mail to PPK address.