About Us

We offer a start to finish approach to a dog’s life. From breeding quality dogs, puppy and adult socialization development with our boarding facility, nutritional dog food, and freedom to be an off leash dog in a yard with both training and in ground fence options, dogs are given the best life possible with the most freedom and exercise.

Our Story

We are Jack and Ashley Lelwica. We have been training dogs since 2010 and boarding dogs since 2013.  We opened up Prairie Peak Kennels with a vision of keeping dogs active. Dogs here are able to socialize in large groups because we understand dog behavior and pack leadership. We are constantly striving to create fun, exciting, and beneficial things to offer you and your dog.

Our Facility

We are located 20 minutes north of Alexandria. Your GPS will take you right to us!

We have 15 acres of fields, woods, and lowland. We also have a pool which we open to the dogs, too!

Our kennels are in a heated, cooled, and moisture controlled facility that is cleaned daily and veterinarian approved and inspected each year. The individual kennel sizes range from 4.5 ft x 3.5 ft to 5 ft x 5 ft and can even accommodate large family groups in large 10 ft x 15 ft areas.

We have 4 large fenced in areas where we separate different groups of dogs based on age, size, sex, and temperament.

We have a covered 3-sided play area that works well for inclement weather days and for the smaller or shorter haired dogs that come to stay.
Our whelping and puppy areas are separated from the boarding and training action. If you are considering getting a pup or learning more about one of our breeds, contact us for a private tour of our dogs and our breeding setup!