We believe a confident dog is a happy dog. When your dog is here, they are exposed to many different people and dogs under our direct supervision (Privacy Package available). This exposure to a safe social environment is key to achieve harmony and growth in their development in addition to endless exercise.

Is your dog a good fit? Yes! We take ALL dogs and provide a custom approach to each dog that comes here.  With our several fenced in play areas, it’s easy to separate or group dogs based on size, age, gender, or behavior. We know how to cater to any kind of dog and keep them active, safe, and promote socialization growth. We will do whatever it takes to make you and your pup comfortable!

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$28 | Full day Daycare
$16.80 | Full day Daycare additional dog
$18 | Overnight per kennel + full day rate
$10.80 | Overnight per kennel additional dog + full day additional dog rate
*Overnight includes free daycare until 11 am next day
(Excludes Sundays)

**$3 additional fee per dog that is over the age of 1 year and who remains in-tact


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  • Easter: 4/7/23 to 4/9/23
  • Memorial Day: 5/28/23 to 5/30/23
  • 4th of July: 7/2/23 to 7/4/23
  • Labor Day: 9/3/23 to 9/5/23
  • Thanksgiving:11/23/23
  • Christmas: 12/22/23 to 12/25/23
  • New Years: 12/29/23 to 1/1/24


We are closed to the public for drop offs and pick ups but are still caring for your dog on the following holidays:
  • Easter
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • New Years Day


Non-peak periods require a 48 hour notice of cancellation or all scheduled services for the first day and night of reservation will be applied to the credit card on file with no early pickup fees.


We require a 3 day 2 night minimum stay during peak periods. Early pickups with less than a 3 day 2 night minimum will still result in the 3 day 2 night minimum fee.

Peak periods require a 48 hour notice of change/cancellation. If the reservation is changed/canceled with less than 48 hours in advance, the 3 day 2 night minimum fee will be applied to the card on file.

  • 1 Dog = $120
  • 2 Dogs 1 Kennel = $192, 2 Dogs 2 Kennels = $206.40
  • 3 Dogs 1 Kennel = $264, 3 Dogs 2 Kennels = $278.40, 3 Dogs 3 Kennels = $292.80

We brought our almost 1 year old Giant Schnauzer puppy to Prairie Peak Kennels for the past ten days. They not only cared for her and made sure she had a great time playing with other dogs, but they took care of her when she was having trouble with her food. They kept us in the loop the whole time through texts and phone calls. In the end, Life's Abundance dog food ended up solving her digestive problems! We also were able to see many pictures and videos of our dog while she was there. Made that our vacation better knowing our dog was at a place that just might be better than her own home! We will certainly be going back to Prairie Peak Kennels, and be recommending it to friends and family! Thank you Jack! 

Cacilie L. with her Giant Schnauzer

One of the few kennels we've ever used where the dogs actually get excited to go! Most of the past experiences we had to pull our dogs out of the car and force them, shaking like a leaf, into the dreaded kennel. Not so with the warm friendly environment at Prairie Peak! 

Tracy and Tony with their two Mastiffs, Guss and Duke

Our young Tillie does really seem to like staying with Jack and Ashley. We're always so worried the dog will be stressed out like she is at other kennels. But when we pick her up, she's happy and not in a big hurry to leave! 

Beth K. and her 4 month old Havanese, Tillie

My Bella has pretty severe anxiety and some behaviors because of it. Jack has gone above and beyond to ensure that she is as calm and comfortable as she can be. She has ben uninvited to places because of her anxious behaviors but she as always been accepted and cared for at Prairie Peaks. When I went to pick her up today, after 6 days, she refused to get in the care because she wanted to stay and play. I found out that my shy girl, who generally does not interact with other dogs, had spent the previous week playing and making new friends. I could not be more satisfied with the care my pup receives and also the tips I get to help her be happier and more comfortable. 

Nicki O. with her Lab, Bella
Huge outdoor area! It’s more like a well supervised dog park than a boarding facility- although the indoor area is equally impressive. Definitely where my dog will be going from now on!
John Olson