Dog Waste Removal

About Removal

At Prairie Peak, we strive to help you and your dog in any way that we can. Here are some of the benefits of having our waste removal service:

Additional time spent with your family and dog
A cleaner more sanitary yard
We adhere to the local dog waste ordinance
Your lawn will smell fresh and remain healthy
Prevention of dogs eating poop
Prevention of tracking in poop on shoes

If interested in the service please follow the three steps below:

Step 1

Decide which option is right for you:

Every WeekEvery Other WeekEvery 4 WeeksFirst or Onetime Cleanup
1 Dog$25$30$40$100
2 Dog$40$50$60$150
3+ DogCustom000

$65/hr Commercial and custom yards and rates

Outside of service area Custom quote

  • Dog Waste Removal Procedure and Policy

    Signing up – Once a sign up form is filled out we will call you to confirm details. Then we will begin providing the service. We charge for the future upcoming month in advance. Payments will be made once monthly. Payments can be made by mailing a check to Prairie Peak, stopping in to Prairie Peak location with Cash Check or Credit Card, or the required Credit Card on file can be charged.

    Cancelling – The service can be cancelled anytime but no refund will be issued for prorated services. Cancellations are effective for the 1st of the next month. Cancelling must be writing and shall be sent to Please state the reason for cancellation.

    The Service – A Prairie Peak serviceperson will come with identification on their clothing, without specific notice, during daylight hours to pick up dog waste at the pre arranged frequency and time frame. We will knock on the front door letting you know we are about to begin the clean up service and ask that your dog be confined. Regardless if the door is answered, we will begin the service. We will improve the condition of the property with regards to the amount of dog waste that is present but do not guarantee that all poop will be found. Especially in long grass. We also are unable to remove smears, liquid diarrhea, and under scoop waste markings on grass and snow but the mass and majority of the waste will be removed. We suggest watering your yard after a waste clean up service was performed to rinse remaining amounts of waste. If you have any questions or feedback please email

    Dogs – Due to territorial issues, no dogs are allowed to be loose regardless of size or age during the waste removal process. If a dog gets loose, we will leave the yard immediately and the property owner will still be charged for a site visit. The owner is solely responsible for the behavior and condition of their dog and property. If the owner’s dog bites the serviceperson with any level of severity, a $200 fee will be instantly charged to credit card on file and arrangements will need to be made if future waste removal service will be continued at the address.

    Incidentals – We will provide a professional and honest approach to the service we provide. We are not responsible for broken items included but not limited to: gate, latches, fencing, grass, landscaping, stains, foot traffic wear, and the like. We are not responsible and all liability is waived for any injury, illness or death, or damage you, your dog, or your property sustains while we are or where providing the service.