• Boarding


    “I love that my dog isn’t confined to his kennel during much of the day and can interact with the other dogs. He loves to interact with other dogs and play all day. He loves his stay so much that when I bring him for boarding he jumps out of the car and doesn’t even look back!”


    “His health is great; my dog gets plenty of time to exercise and play.”


    “My dog is a much better listener to commands after his training at Prairie Peak Kennels. The most important thing is that he now consistently comes back to me when I call him. They succeeded in a couple weeks what would have taken me months or years to teach to my dog.”


    “One of the few kennels we’ve ever used where the dogs actually get excited to go! Most of the past experiences we had to pull our dogs out of the car and force them, shaking like a leaf, into the dreaded kennel. Not so with the warm friendly environment at Prairie Peak!” — Tracy and Tony, with their 2 Mastiffs, Guss and Duke

    “Our young Tillie does really seemed to like staying with Jack and Ashley. We’re always so worried the dog will be stressed out, like she is at other kennels. But when we pick her up, she’s happy and not in a big hurry to leave!” — Beth K. and her 4 month old Havanese pup, Tillie

    “The facilites are rather remote, which I like since it’s not near a major highway. Prairie Peak Kennels is tucked back in the country where the dogs are not distracted by city or neighbor stuff. We love it and more importantly, our dog loves it there!” —Trent, 6 month old Yellow Lab, Piper

    “Our three year old Cocker stayed with Prairie Peaks Kennel for sixteen days and are we ever satisfied!!! After visiting several facilities in our area I just didn’t get a good feeling from any of them and was at a loss as to what to do as we had a vacation planned! I ran across PK’s Facebook page , read a few reviews and e mailed Jack. He responded with a phone call within an hour and as soon as we spoke I knew that I had found the perfect place for our boy! Jack was personable, experienced, and had no hesitation in boarding for that length of time..and the price was right too!! Even though it was nearly a two hr drive I knew that it was the right thing to do! I didn’t worry a bit and when we picked up our pup he was happy, healthy and raring to go! Without hesitation I would recommend Prairie Peak Kennels for any canine-related service you may be seeking.” -Mary M with her 3 yr old Cocker Spaniel

    “My Bella has pretty severe anxiety and some behaviors because of it, Jack has gone above and beyond to ensure that she is as calm and comfortable as she can be. She has been uninvited to places because of her anxious behaviors but she has always been accepted and cared for at Prairie Peaks. When I went to pick her up today, after 6 days, she refused to get in the car because she wanted to stay and play. I found out that my shy girl, who generally does not interact with other dogs, had spent the previous week playing and making new friends. I could not be more satisfied with the care my pup receives and also the tips I get to help her be happier and more comfortable.” -Nicki O. with her lab, Bella

    “We brought our almost 1 year old Giant Schnauzer puppy to Prairie Peak Kennels for the past ten days. They not only cared for her and made sure she had a great time playing with other dogs, but they took care of her when she was having trouble with her food. They kept us in the loop the whole time through texts and phone calls. In the end the Life’s Abundance dog food ended up solving her digestive problems! We also were able to see many pictures and videos of our dog while she was there. Made that our vacation better knowing our dog was at a place that just might be better than her own home! We will certainly be going back to Prairie Peak Kennels, and be recommending it to friends and family! Thank you Jack!!” -Cacilie L with her Giant Schnauzer

    “This guy is first class with everything he does! I boarded my puppy there for 2 weeks and he came back a calmer and more disciplined pup. I didn’t pay for any special training but they get it naturally just by being there. They all get treated the same in order to learn his rules and the advice he gives you before, during and after is absolutely priceless!! I highly recommend this business to anyone looking for any of the services he offers. I have many interactions with Jack and he’s very knowledgeable, professional and sincere. Thank you so much for everything and I will be a client for life. ♡♡” -Sheila T. with her Chiuaua mix, Bam Bam

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  • Training

    “Our 10 month Golden Retriever, “Naughty Charlie” spent two weeks with Prairie Peak Kennels and came back not-so-naughty! Jack taught him how to quit jumping on people…and to stop biting their arms and clothes with excitement when he saw them! Also, we are thrilled that he actually COMES now when he’s called, which he never did before! Our favorite command though is “Back” which brings Charlie right back when he is wondering off and about to get into trouble…works like a charm! Jack also listened well to our challenges and has been excellent with follow-up since we brought Charlie back home. We would highly recommend Prairie Peak Kennels to anyone who has their own naughty dog!” — Sally & Steve 10 month old Golden Retriever, Charlie

    “He’s doing good we’ve had 5 customers in our store and Nooo Jumping! We tell him to sit and he stays until I say ok! Amazzzzing day today!! No shocks and a few beeps on collar! Comes when we say his name and Back, Went to the park today and there were kids everywhere so I said Back and he was by my side in 2 seconds! Just wanted to say thank you so very much!” Tracy and Tony, 1 yr old Mastiff, Guss

    “No accidents! She is allowed thru the entire house and we let her have free time for 40 min now! She is doing great thank you! So nice to be able to enjoy her! She is a very smart little girl” — Beth, 4 month old Havanese pup, Tillie

    “I cannot believe what you have done for Piper and us in two weeks. She is so much better behaved!! I am still wondering if I picked up the right dog! My wife and I cannot be more thrilled with her behavior!!” —Trent, 6 month old Yellow Lab, Piper

    “Did you spray paint another dog and give him to us?!? Cooper is perfect! We left him alone a few times and when we came back, he didn’t even try to jump on us once! Awesome job!!!” —Matt & Sarah, 6 month old Vizsla, Cooper

    “Francis just told me that the neighbor had his two dogs out…Harvey would normally take off, BUT NOT TODAY! Yay Harvey! He heard the dogs, walked a few feet towards them, stopped and looked back at Francis, then walked back and continued playing “ball”. HUGE IMPROVEMENT! Thank you sooooooo much Jack and Ashley! -Kristen & Francis, 1 yr old Flat Coated Retriever, Harvey

    “We are very pleased with the results. Greta was better behaved and has responded very well to the training. We liked that she got to stay in a country home setting and not in a kennel the whole two weeks.” —Diana, Keith, and their 1 yr. old German Shorthair, Greta

    “There was a noticeable, positive difference in Remy’s behavior after getting obedience training with Prairie Peak Kennels. Jack was enthusiastic and seeing that enthusiasm is what made me decide on him as a trainer.” — Kyle and his 11 month old German Shorthair, Remy

    “I have had Jack work with my Brittany on two occasions. Jack is very interested in training to your style. Working in commands that you want, making suggestions of others. His property in Parker’s Prairie is a beautiful spot and allows him to put the dogs in very good training situations. I cannot wait to hunt her this fall.” — Roger and his 12 month old Brittany, Skye

    “When John & I left Dixie, we both felt a lot of anxiety over leaving her with someone we’d never met before, but the attention and manner with which Jack & his wife behaved with Dixie was very comforting. I would recommend their services to anyone in an instant. Jack’s personalized attention to the pet seems to be quite unusual in this field of work.” — Brad and his 14 month old German Wirehair, Dixie

    “Had 6 dogs sitting in a semi circle around me, some shake some don’t, but they all have to sit nicely. It went the best its ever gone. Gus is calmer than ever now and he seems more content in general. When he comes for pets he casually walks over sits and cocks his head at me. Loving this calm boy!!! Thanks for inspiring me and getting my pups on the right track!!” —Rosemarie and her 2 Huskie Mixes, Gus & Bella

    “Very good! We only had to shock once when we got home. We beeped for a couple days after that. We keep it on, but now all she needs is the command and she races back. Very happy!!! I did beep her when she was playing with her other dog friends too… Called her back and she would come right away. Say “ok” and she would go back to play for many rounds. Can’t believe how quickly she learned. Shows me she knew exactly what I wanted, she just chose not to listen.” -Maria and her 1 yr old golden doodle Stella

    “Hey Guys this is Tyler with Oakley… He has been doing an amazing job retrieving ducks these past two weekends! Oakley is doing amazing ! You guys rock !” -Tyler and his Lab Oakley

    “Took the girls on their first off leash walk today. They stayed right by me, once Emma ran over a hill and I couldn’t see her, pushed the beep and she came running, Jack u are amazing, thanks for making my girls so well behaved and a pleasure to have around. I’m so happy” -Annis and her 2 Boxers, Emma & Gabby

    “Jack, Sammy did AMAZING in North Dakota on her first pheasant hunt! She flushed and quartered like a seasoned veteran. The commands you taught her made hunting with her a real pleasure. I am so proud of her. Everyone was impressed with how well Sammy listened to commands while we were hunting and even b ack at camp. By the end of the trip she was even retrieving birds. Thank you again for your hard work!” -Brian and his 1 yr lab, Sammy

    “I talked to Holly today, or should I say she grabbed me so she could tell me how impressed she was with you and the session with Molly and also her friend’s pittie you worked with. I told her Bella is also different dog in an awesome way too. Glad you are able to help so many people’s dogs have a better0 life with their families.” – Rose and her lab mix, Bella

    “He’s doing pretty good! We haven’t had a problem with collar sensitivity anymore. He hasn’t been jumping and he’s been really good around the kids. We’re still working on the biting occasionally. His listening skills are better. He was around Cole’s parents’ dog the other day and did really well with her. He really is a lot better. Thanks again.” -Cole and Kasey and their husky, Sarge

    “She is doing great. In the last month she crossed off our yard once and came right back with a correction. Otherwise the kids took her to the park to play fetch in the baseball diamond when it was still warm out and she listened well. Thank you for all that you did.” -Becky with her pitbull, Mollie

    “Hunted this morning. Did what you said. After I shot a bird, Sat on the ground and called milo. He brought the bird right to me. I let him keep the bird and praised him. After a minute. He dropped the bird and went off to find another. Retrieved 2 more birds the same way. Thanks jack for all your help!” -Chuck with his 8 month old Brittany, Milo

    “Everything is going well and we are all exhausted haha. She is doing well. She has been listening very well and we are very impressed with our new dog!” -Christa and Chabree with their yellow lab, Nala

    “Thank you, Jack! This email will definitely be one I reference over and over again for months to come. I so appreciate you taking the time to send it. I will absolutely spread the word – you’ve done a great job. We can tell a definite difference in Kobe already in just a few short days. As I read through it, there are definitely things Reed and I need to adjust and improve on to continue Kobe’s success!” “I just have to share that this would have never happened before training! (Picture of Kobe and their 2 yr old daughter walking him) Walking with both kobe and our 2 year old was a disaster every time. We’ve been able to go on walks every day together and we haven’t come back frustrated at all yet! “Has the nipping improved?” There has been no nipping! We slacked a little over the busy few Christmas days and I noticed the first day we were back home we were seeing some old dominant tendencies (sneezing at us, pawing for attention, etc) so we cracked back down and he’s responded well!” -Jenna and Reed with their Shih Tzu, Kobe

    “She has really become a fun, friendly, well behaved addition to our family (even the mailman and the UPS drivers comment on her improved behavior). We can go for walks without the leash, she comes when called and she listens. Thank you for your help and training with her. Thank you for also being there when I was at my wits end.” -Chrystal with her yellow lab, Bella

    “Thanks Jack. This is an awesome reminder! We love the work you have provided for Toro. My mom was about ready for her to go, but now calls her the new Toro! I’ll be sure to get in touch with you if there’s any issues or questions that come up. Thanks again for everything!” -Jack with black lab/mix, Toro

    “It’s going well! She has matured quite a bit in 3 weeks. Much better discipline. Thank You.” -Tim and Shannon with their Cockapoo, Keiko

    “He’s doing real good – no problems with jumping or disobeying last night. I ran him, played fetch this morning and he’s obeyed all commands. Thanks again for working with him – he is truly like a changed dog when it comes to obedience. I’ll keep you updated with any questions that come up too, I really appreciate it. You really did a good job working with him – he’s like a brand new dog!” -Brandon with his English Pointer,Zeke

    “Hi Jack, Just wanted to send another note to tell you how happy we are with Pistol. She is still amazingly disciplined even with the kids and wife not being as rigid as I am with her for all these months. We absolutely love her so much more now. She has literally not seen a leash since we picked her up from you. Which is amazing considering what she was like before. Thanks again.” -Cory L., PE, with his Vizsla, Pistol

    “Hey Jack! She is definitely doing better and adjusting well. Sleeping is better – out of our room and 8 hours. Desensitizing is much better. And walking is improving. We have had a few busy weeks, but are planning to call you for an appointment again in the next 1-2 weeks.” -Maggie with her Australian Sheppard, Frankie

    “Hello! I haven’t talked to you in a few days so I thought I would give you an update! Hudson is doing fantastic. We took him around our block and he listened perfectly! He’s doing really well! He’s gained weight and his anxiety level is pretty much zero!” -Emily S. with her German Sheppard, Hudson

    “Hey Jack- Wanted to wish y’all a happy holidays and let you know Jaxon made his first trip hunting and everyone in the hunting party was amazed. He is doing fantastic and absolutely loves it! He’s such a great dog and you really did an amazing job with him! Thanks again, look forward to adding to our furry family in the future!” -Dale & Jen R. with their Brittany, Jaxon

    “Hello! Our house is so relaxed now! Hes so obedient and just so sweet!! Just cant believe it! Your probably going to get tired if me texting you! Its just that this training has made such a positive impact in our lives!!” A few weeks later… “We had our 4 yr cocker trained at Prairie Peak Kennels. He’s a totally different dog he now listens and minds us. Jack also trained our family how to handle him. Our dog is very hyper and pretty much ran the house. Now we have control! Its awesome! Thank you Jack!” -Rhonda S. with her Cocker, AJ

    “She is much more respectful. Thanks again for coming out greatly appreciated and you had some awesome advice!!!” -Dan H. with his Pointer Mix

    “Buster is exceeding expectations as a dog able to chill! Bonding with him is no problem and Deacon has also come around! Thanks Jack -Deb F. with her newly adopted Small Munsterlander, Buster “He’s doing great, comes when I call him, he’s a changed puppy. It’s nice when we let him out and he stays close even on a walk with no leash! U did a great job!” -James S. with his Beagle, Copper “She is doing well. We go on walks every night and she responds well when we call her back and when we let her out to go potty she comes back well too.” -Troy & Beth M. with their cocker mix, Lindy

    “Had a great day with Lotte today, Going much better.” A few weeks later… “Update. Lotte doing great. She got a rabbit on her own last week and is pointing birds. Thanks” -Chris with his Brittany, Lotte

    “Dog camp was great for our dog, Sunny. She is doing much better with commands and has been a lot more mild mannered. A beautiful, clean place to bring your favorite furry friend. We will be back for boarding!” -Keri and Erik W. with their Golden Retriever, Sunny

    “As predicted the fangs came out this morning as Darwin was leaving. Stopped the lunge with my hands and a firm NO. Then the ankle biting started. I crouched down and gave 3 firm pushes with a verbal NO. On the 4th lunge, I used the remote and he stopped. He has been near my ankles since and no mouthing. Thanks for the help!” -Darcy B with her 6 month old Lab/Heeler mix

    “He’s doing great! Like we were never separated. And he is behaving very well! Thank you!” -April Z. after boarding & Training her African breed dog, Koko, here for a 9 month stay.

  • In Ground Dog Fence Installation

    “7 dogs off leash and loving life! I hoped for peaceful coexistence and never thought it could be this amazing. So glad I had the fence installed! Thank you so much for all your training help and patience!” -Rose Marie – Dalton, MN

    “Tracking my puppy down in rural Crosby, MN was no fun, at 3 a.m in 10 below weather. I have a big yard on a lake and there’s a bunch of dogs in the neighborhood. My young lab likes to explore, as all dogs do, but please not while I’m sleeping! For the safety of my dog and my own personal-well being, I decided to look into an electric in-ground dog fence. I was given Jack’s name by a trusted source. He responded immediately. Even though he lives 1 1/2 hours away, he didn’t hesitate to help me out. He and an assistant came over, explained everything and went to work. After installation, he explained how to train the dog, troubleshoot breaks in the line and other helpful tips. My dog responded very well to the new e-fence and the specific instructions Jack provided. Within a couple of days, he had it figured out. Now when my neighbor walks his mean dog by my driveway, my puppy doesn’t rush out and perhaps get eaten by the beast. Truthfully, now that the pup is almost 2 years old, he still obeys the boundaries and I never have to worry about him running off, getting in trouble or worse yet, getting out on the highway. Thanks Jack for the great job that was very affordable compared to “city” prices!” – Brad Miller – Crosby, MN

    “Fence is working great. Don’t need much training, after the first day they just stand right on the line and go no further. If it beeps, they back up fast! No issues at all. Thank you for taking the time to get here, feels good to be able to let them out to run.” -Kathie – North Branch, MN

    “We love our fence. Not only does it keep our dog in our yard but it has made him more aware of boundaries in general so even when we go somewhere else where there is no fence, he knows what his “limits” are. Even when there are distractions (other dogs right next door), he still manages to stay inside the imaginary line” -Kayla B. on a busy gravel road near Morris, MN with her huge white male German Sheppard, Indy

    “I had an underground fence in my yard when I moved in. They came out and helped me get a collar for my dog. I’ve had a few questions over the years, and they’ve always been very helpful & have answered all of my questions. Highly Recommend!” -Jana with her pitbull in Alexandria, MN

    “Deacon Laying out untied, this week I was putting garbage out and neighbor walking two dogs stopped to visit for an extended period. Deacon and Buster just waited on the deck, listening and untied but NOT coming down the driveway. Amazing! Great Investment! Thanks” -Deb F – Fergus Falls, MN

    “So, we love our fence and it’s working great, however, we just lost the collar. Can we get a replacement somewhere?” “You bet, I can mail you one with Free Shipping today.”- PPK -Michelle H. with her German Sheppard in Sauk Centre, MN

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