At Prairie Peak Kennels we provide balanced dog communication. This means when a dog is obedient, they are thriving and enjoying play from other dogs and given praise from staff throughout their day. When a dog is disobedient we will provide corrections to discourage this type of unacceptable behavior. 

One of the methods of discouragement is the e-collar. If our professional dog handling skills are not getting through to your dog, we may recommend that you seek training for your dog on an e-collar so we are better able to communicate with your dog in our boisterous, action packed environment. 

Professional training is a requirement for proper conditioning of this tool and Prairie Peak Kennels will re-evaluate your dog before rejoining daycare once trained in on an e-collar. 

Here are a few different scenarios in which an e-collar may be used to help your dog succeed in a playful daycare environment: 

1) Difficulty catching your dog

2) Chronic barking or humping 

3) Our physical presence is not effective enough 

4) Instant disobedience when leaving eyesight 

5) Other behaviors that are mild in severity but are intolerable

For the success of your dog with an e-collar as a tool, we require one of the following before bringing an e-collar to daycare:

  • 4 one-hour private sessions with our trainer at Prairie Peak Kennels. With a combination of 10 sessions each week by yourself in between each of the four sessions.
  •  A board and train service provided by Prairie Peak Kennels where your dog will stay with us for three or more weeks to learn general obedience, on leash obedience, off leash obedience, including substantial e-collar conditioning.
  • Training from another accredited company or by another accredited professional trainer. 

Prairie Peak Kennels is an intense active environment like a child's birthday party that provides high levels of activity for your dog's benefit! Because of this, e-collar levels will generally be higher in order to communicate with your dog effectively.

 For any training assistance or questions, feel free to reach out to the training team at