1. First timers will be asked to fill out the dog evaluation form before they can drop off their dog for their first day with us.
  2. We appreciate customers that make appointments ahead of time. We appreciate notice of pickup and drop off changes.
  3. Overnight charge allows for free next day daycare until 11 am excluding Sundays. 40% off additional dogs. They must be able to share a single kennel, sleep together, and eat together. If a second kennel is needed for any reason, both dogs will be charged as a single dog. Emergency or after hours transportation, pick up, drop off, is $75.
  4. Puppies must be at least 10 weeks of age and have first round of Distemper and Bordetella. Adult dogs 16 weeks of age or older must have up to date Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella vaccines. Vaccinations must be administered by a licensed veterinarian.
  5. Medication fees are $5/day for anything other than dog food (supplements or medication).
  6. Any late pickup past our business hours will be subject to a $1/minute charge which will be automatically added to your charge for the day. If no staff member is available past business hours, you can pick up the next day during regular business hours.
  7. We are not responsible for damage to the items you bring.
  8. Collars are required and must fit properly so they cannot slip off or a rental collar charge will be required. Choke chains or prongs are not usable as collars.Prairie Peak will attempt to contact owners via phone and email to notify them of these charges. If contact is not successful, the charges are applied.
  9. We accept cash, check, and credit card transactions. Payment is required before dogs can be picked up. Credit card on file is required to make any reservation.
  10. Packages are non refundable, but transferable, and never expire.
  11. Full day daycare charge is applied on drop off day for boarding stays no matter the time of drop off.
  12. No e-collar’s will be used on dogs without owners consent and proper training first.
  13. Cancellations for daycare must be communicated to Prairie Peak Kennels by 12pm (noon) the day prior to reservation start. Late cancellation or no show will result in a full day charge to your credit card on file.
  14. Boarding cancellations must be communicated to Prairie Peak Kennels 48 hours in advance to reservation start. Late cancellation or no show will result in a full day of daycare plus overnight fee charge to your credit card on file.
  15. Any siblings of opposite sex who remain intact above 6 months of age are required to be kenneled separately
  16. If a female is in heat you must notify Prairie Peak Kennels within 30 days of their first day of bleeding. Females cannot partake in any social pack play for up to 30 days from the first day of their bleed.
  17. There is a $3/day fee for any dog over 1 year that is intact.