If you have a young, purebred dog, and you can no longer care for him/her. Your dog might be a candidate for our RRRR (Rescue, Rehab, Retrain, and Rehome) program. As breeders and professional trainers, not only do we understand dog behavior, but we have the resources to place your dog into the right home. We will adopt your dog with some questions about him/her but without judgement and go to work finding the right home for him. We have a long track record of successfully performing this RRRR service!


  1. Educate us about your dogs life, age, health condition, and so on.

  2. Arrange the pickup/drop off details and then surrender your dog over to us.

  3. Evaluate, vet, and train the pup as needed for the next home.

  4. Contact people on our list until we find the right match.

  5. Arrange a visitation play day with potential owners.

  6. Facilitate adoption day and provide 24/7 care and support during the transition.

  7. Follow up with new owner and remind new owner we are always here for them. For life.