1. At Prairie Peak, we are by appointment only. We require notice of pickup and drop off changes
  2. Training stay rates include boarding accommodations along with training.  A $200 ticket is required to reserve a specific spot on our training stay schedule. Tickets are non refundable and non transferable to other dates.
  3. A prepayment charge for a full 1 hour training session will be applied before scheduling the 1 hr session. Charges will be in increments of 15 min after the initial first hour.
  4. We are not responsible for damage to the items you bring
  5. Emergency or after hours dog transportation, dog pick up, or dog drop off, is $75 per time regardless of reason.
  6. Transportation costs are $0.75/mile round trip
  7. Please only bring: food, bedding, collar, leash, shot records.
  8. Please don’t bring water bottles, harnesses, large dog beds, food bowls, large kennels.
  9. ID Collars are required and must fit properly so they cannot slip off or a rental collar charge will be required. Choke chains or prongs are not usable as daily ID collars. Prairie Peak Kennels will attempt to contact owners via phone and email to notify them of these charges. If contact is not successful, the charges are applied.
  10. Accident/illness policy: By dropping off your dog you understand and agree to the terms of the accident policy that is separately linked in the website.
  11. We accept cash, check, and credit card transactions. Payment is required before dogs can be picked up. Credit card on file is required to make any reservation.
  12. Owners agreement: “I understand that Prairie Peak will train my dog in industry standard training methods for Balanced dog training which means negative and positive reinforcement. I understand my dog could show signs of nervousness and insecurity as he/she learns the new “Language of Obedience”. I promise to continue these training methods and daily training sessions as they have been taught to me and to reach out to PPK if further questions arise.”