Pet Sitter or Dog Boarding?

When you go out of town, what’s better for you and your pet? A pet sitter or dog boarding? Chances are, depending on where you live, there are plenty of opportunities for both. There are plenty of teenagers looking for some extra cash that will take great care of your pets, and some boarding facilities have become more like a spa for your pet. Let’s discuss the benefits of each.

Pet Sitter

Pet sitters are great because you can customize the experience. The sitter can stay at your home for the duration of your vacation, or you can have them stop by your home a few times per day to feed her, take her to the bathroom, and provide her some exercise and interaction. If the pet sitter is a family friend, you can even let your pet stay at their home.

Pet sitting is a great option if you have multiple pets. For instance, if you have a couple cats and dogs, they will be able to interact with one another and won’t feel so alone when the pet sitter isn’t there. A pet sitter stopping in once or twice per day is plenty of interaction if they can play with the other family pets all day. Pet sitting is also a good idea if you have an older dog that is easily stressed and isn’t overly active; he might prefer to stay in familiar surroundings and laze around the house all day.

Before you choose pet sitting, be sure you research whoever you’re considering as a pet sitter. You want a sitter you can trust, so ask for references. Also consider the weather. If you’re leaving in the middle of winter, a snowstorm may prevent your pet sitter from driving to your home safely; a boarding facility is probably a better option in that case.

Dog Boarding

Dog boarding is like a hotel for your dog where all the other guests are also dogs. It’s like a playground full of exciting new scenery and scents to explore, including new friends. Dog boarding facilities focus on comfort and interaction. Your dog will have a large space to run around in and access to comfortable bedding and toys.

If you have a younger, high energy dog, leaving them at home alone for most of the day isn’t the best option. In a boarding facility, they’ll be able to interact with other dogs and will receive plenty of exercise and attention from staff members. If your dog becomes stressed and destructive when you’re away, the constant supervision from a boarding facility is the best way to go.

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