Do Underground Fences Work?

If you’re looking for a way to contain your pup to your yard, but don’t want to spend a lot of time and energy putting up a fence, or simply don’t want to block your nice view or sully your beautiful landscaping with a clunky fence, an underground fence may be the way to go. Your next question might be,

Avoiding In-Ground Fence Pitfalls

You’ve weighed your options between an above ground fence and an in-ground fence and decided to go with the latter. There are a few common misconceptions about in-ground fences, especially when it comes to which brand you choose. Before you make your purchase, read up on common pitfalls and misconceptions.   Boundaries and Shocking When most people invest in an

In-Ground or Above Ground Fence?

Are you on the *fence* about an in-ground or above ground fence? Well, you’ve come to the right place. You might have a brand-new puppy, or a younger dog that is a bit unruly—either way, we’ll break down the pros and cons of each fence option to help make your decision easier.   In-Ground Fences An in-ground fence can also

Does Dog Size Matter for In-Ground Fencing?

You’ve considered the options and decided that in-ground fencing is the best for you and your dog. But now you’re wondering if your dog is too big for the fence!   The answer? Nope!   The size of your dog isn’t related to the success of your in-ground fence. No dog is too big for the fence, so let your

How In-Ground Fencing Improves your Dog’s Quality of Life

If you’re trying to determine the best fence for your furry friend, you want to consider numerous factors to ensure you’re making the best purchase to keep your pup safe, secure, and happy. An in-ground fence, also referred to as a wired or underground fence, creates a hidden boundary for your dog. Your dog wears a special receiver collar that

3 Myths of In-Ground Fencing

You’ve just gotten a new puppy, and it’s time to think about putting in a fence. Or maybe you’re moving and your new home doesn’t have a fence for your active pets. You may have seen some negative reviews of in-ground fencing in your research, but it’s time to dispel 3 myths about in-ground fencing.   High Cost: People may