We have been training dogs since 2010. We understand dogs and their behaviors. When dogs are obedient and owners are effective leaders, the best relationship is attainable. We love seeing how strong a bond can be when both dog and owner live in harmony.

Training Options

1 Hour Training Session $120
(Facetime & Prairie Peak Kennels) 
By appointment:

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We recommend this training session if you want us to do most of the work for you. Dogs must be about six months old at the time of drop off. We will have a phone consultation about your training needs prior to scheduling a training stay. Your dog will stay for either two or three weeks depending on what kind of training is needed. When you pick your dog up at the end of the stay, we will spend up to an hour going over everything your dog has learned during the stay and how to continue to implement these adjustments at home. This ensures a proper transition from our home to yours. We are available free of charge for the rest of your dog’s life to help in any way over the phone or via email. If there is a specific issue that comes up, or if you are struggling with a specific command, let us know and we will help you get back on track.

Our Training Stays are completely customizable to your situation. They are structured to incorporate both exercise and playtime. Your pup will live with us and get an intimate family experience with the other members of our family including our personal pets and the other dogs being boarded at our facility.

Additional add-ons

E-collar training tool | Starting at $169.95
Pheasants | $20/bird
Ducks | $18/bird
Chuckars | $18/bird

Please call Jack directly at 218-205-8254 to discuss options and schedule training.

General obedience

2 weeks: For dogs 6-18 months. General “come, back, sit, stay, down, no, kennel up, go on” commands, off leash obedience, correcting jumping, chewing, and leash pulling issues.
3 weeks: For dogs older than 18 months who are more set in their disobedient pattern, it takes a little longer to get behavior modification success.

Add intro to hunting + 1 additional week.

General obedience & Aggression control

3-4 weeks: For dogs 6 months and on. General “come, sit, down, no, kennel up, go on” commands, off leash obedience, correcting jumping, chewing, and leash pulling issues and aggression correction training and socialization desensitization training.

Intro to hunting

3 weeks: Implementing the 2 Week General Obedience commands plus 1 week in the field working on quartering, pointing, retrieving, water work, gun work, and bird work. Most dogs are ready to start hunting with owners after this course.

Puppy Potty Training

3 weeks: Includes an established pattern of NO accidents in our home with education on transitioning to your home.

*These time frames vary depending on age, breed, and previous training work done. Contact us for an accurate estimate of how long it will take to train your dog.

*The use of an E-Collar and Prong collar will likely be needed as a tool to assist in the proper communication and training of your dog. If you are considering hiring us but are unsure about e-collar training tools or want to learn more please call us.

What To Bring

Bring – Food (or we have some for $2/day), bedding, shot records, collar (or we provide one for $3/day), and have your dog leashed when getting out of the vehicle.

Don’t bring – Bowls, raw hides, large kennels

Optional – Small sleeping kennel, toys, blankets, chewing treats, or anything to make your dog’s stay more comfortable.

Suggested Reading
General obedience Concepts:

The Good Dog Way – Sean O`Shea

Hunting training specific:
Training Your Pointing Dog for Hunting & Home Kindle Edition
How to Help Gun Dogs Train Themselves, Taking Advantage of Early Conditioned Learning

Training stay rates include boarding accommodations along with training.  A $200 deposit is required to reserve a specific spot on our training stay schedule. Deposits are non refundable and non transferable. A prepayment charge for a full 1 hour training session will be applied before scheduling the 1 hr session. Charges will be in increments of 15 min after the initial first hour.

Our Policy
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We learned so much about dog behavior in our training session with Jack. He had our dog listening to him in less than 5 min. We tried other trainers with little results. A great resource for us. We would 100% recommend Prairie Peak and plan to buy our next dog from him! You can tell he is very passionate about the dogs well being and educating the owners. We are SO thankful for his help! I wish we would have come to him for help with our dog first! He has a great approach/philosophy to dog/owner training!

Elesha Jyrkas