At Prairie Peak Kennels we provide a complete package of services to grow and peak the relationship between dog and owner by providing dogs with great obedience which results in more freedom on and off leash while educating owners on how to build trust in this freedom to benefit the owner and dogs quality of life. We have been training dogs since 2010 and love to hear from our dog owners the differences they see in their dogs behavior after a training session or stay. Testimonials are at the bottom of this page! Our Prairie Peak family tag teams the training efforts to maximize the amount of sessions per day and to offer both a male and female perspective. At Prairie Peak, we train young and old dogs alike on general obedience, aggression, anxiety, jumping up, running off, potty training problems, hunting skills, and more! We use a balanced approach of both positive and negative reinforcement with repetition and well placed patience to achieve this patterned successful behavior. This ensures a smooth transition from our home to yours. We look forward to serving you and your dog!

2022 Training Stay Dates

3 and 4 week drop 
1/6 am/pm drop off (specific time tbd)
1/7 am drop off (specific time tbd)
3 week pickup and drop off – Openings available
1/27 am/pm (specific time tbd)
1/28 am (specific time tbd)
4 week pickup and drop off – Openings available
2/3 am/pm (specific time tbd)
2/4 am (specific time tbd)
3 week pickup and drop off – Openings available
2/17 am/pm (specific time tbd)
2/18 am (specific time tbd)
4 week pickup and drop off – Openings available
3/3 am/pm (specific time tbd)
3/4 am (specific time tbd)
3 week pickup and drop off – Openings available
3/10 am/pm (specific time tbd)
3/11 am (specific time tbd)
3 & 4 week pickup and drop off – Openings available
3/31 am/pm (specific time tbd)
4/1 am (specific time tbd)
3 week pickup and drop off – Openings available
4/21 am/pm (specific time tbd)
4/22 am (specific time tbd)
4 week pickup and drop off – Openings available
4/28 am/pm (specific time tbd)
4/29 am (specific time tbd)

Please call Jack directly at 218-205-8254 to discuss options and schedule training.

General Obedience Schooling
3 Weeks – $2100

For proficiency in general ob where a pattern of overall obedience in most situations is created for owners to appreciate and continue. 6+months old.

  • 3 weeks of repetition based positive and negative reinforcement training. Correcting unwanted behaviors such as jumping, nipping, biting, leash pulling, digging, barking, lunging, chewing. Reinforcing and praising good behavior and learned skills. Approx 40-50 training sessions.
  • On leash obedience
  • Off leash recall obedience
  • Come, Back, Sit, Down, No, Kennel, Place
  • Daily socialization benefit – play, exercise, desensitization to all types of dogs, and rehabilitation from past negative experiences.
  • 1.5 hours of in person transitional education on pickup day.
  • Free phone support and follow up as needed.
8 Weeks – $5600
For advanced proficiency in general ob and/or for dogs with stubbornness, timidness, psychological issues, & aggression.
  • All items achieved in 3 week stay plus+
  • 5 more weeks of repetition based positive and negative reinforcement training stopping unwanted behaviors in more real world environments and reinforcing and praising good behavior and learned skills. Approx 66-75 more training sessions.
  • 1 hr educational visitation around the 4 week mark by appointment
  • Public area training proofing
  • Down command proofing on and off leash at distances of 50 feet, durations of 30 minutes, distractions with other dogs, people, and vehicle distractions.
  • Vehicle loading and unloading
  • Youtube graduation video demonstrating proofing achievements.
  • Free phone and in person support and follow up as needed.
Daycare Training Service
$585 – Additional daycare training day $145

Helps your dog become comfortable in and around the social daycare environment. This service can help dogs that have little exposure to other dogs in general from ages 10 weeks on up or for dogs that are nervous, dominant, intolerant, aggressive, or otherwise lacking in appropriate social behavior.

Training includes:

  • ½ hr before hours training consult and planning meeting with trainer.
  • 3 scheduled days of daycare under direct 1 on 1 supervision and guidance with a trainer.
  • ½ hr after hours follow up training consult with owner explaining the growth results.
$150/hr in person, $120/ hr video call

A 1 hr training session can help get you and your dog back on track.It’s a jam packed information session for owners benefit. The one hour session typically is laid out first by us listening to you about the situation, then providing immediate analytical advice, adjustments to owners training program, and an education on proper methods and techniques that have been proven to benefit the situation. Sometimes it’s just a small adjustment that is needed to get back on track! This is for the type of person that wants to spend the time working with their dog directly. It’s more owner involved and up to them to apply the info they learn in the 1 hr session. Multiple sessions available at a discounted price.

Puppy Potty Training

3 weeks: Includes an established pattern of NO accidents in our home with education on transitioning to your home.

Spa boarding & training service

$60/day = $420 Recommended 7 days.

This service can help your dog become comfortable with grooming services now and in the future. It’s an investment in their peacefulness while at the spa. This is much more humane than being put under anesthesia at the local vet clinic every time you need a nail trim.

Add on options:
  • Intro to hunting course – Additional $300 – This adds more sessions and exposure slated to searching, live bird encounters(waterfowl and/or upland), pointing, tracking, retrieving. Patterning hunting behavior so your dog has a great time and is excited and growing in prey drive. Your dog should be ready to hunt and get started with a career in birds with this course added into the 3 week timeframe. This is not a finished hunting skills course.
  • Swimming lessons – A course where dogs of all experience levels will grow in their confidence in water and swimming. Additional $5 per swim

Our Training Stays are completely customizable to your situation. They are structured to incorporate both exercise and playtime. Your pup will live with us and get an intimate family experience with the other members of our family including our personal pets and the other dogs being boarded at our facility.

  • 6+ months old (in-tact dogs, in-heat females, and all breeds allowed)
  • Please budget for the cost of a high quality e collar($169) and prong collar($32). Various high quality options to be purchased at Prairie Peak Kennels. If you are considering hiring us but are unsure about e-collar training tools or want to learn more please call us.
  • A $200 non refundable training deposit ticket will be sold to hold your spot. 1 hr sessions are prepaid at $120 and are non refundable
What To Bring
  • Bring – Food (or we have some for $2/day), bedding, shot records showing current on Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella, collar (or we provide one for $3/day), and have your dog leashed when getting out of the vehicle.
  • Don’t bring – Bowls, raw hides, large kennels
  • Optional – Small sleeping kennel, toys, blankets, chewing treats, or anything to make your dog’s stay more comfortable.
Suggested Reading
General obedience Concepts:

The Good Dog Way – Sean O`Shea

Hunting training specific:
Training Your Pointing Dog for Hunting & Home Kindle Edition
How to Help Gun Dogs Train Themselves, Taking Advantage of Early Conditioned Learning

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