What is a Board and Train Program? Your dog will be at Prairie Peak Kennels, working with our Professional Dog Trainer in a structured environment to help your dog reach their training goals. Your dog will be fully immersed into a structured lifestyle that can be carried into your home. Both you and your dog will be taught and given valuable information to help live harmonious lives together.

Your dog will spend multiple hours a day with our trainer working on solving any unwanted behaviors. Developing a calm and clear state of mind and establishing a solid foundation of obedience. You will see 

prompt and consistent results with this training option because your dog will be working with professionals that can come up with a solution for any problems you may have.


Get to know our trainer by setting up a Meet and Greet! Meet and Greets take 20-30 minutes where our trainer will meet and evaluate your dog and talk over any problem areas you may be having with your dog. You will talk with your trainer to come up with a custom plan that places your dog into the correct program that fits best for you and your lifestyle. 

All Board and Trains will include : 

  • A one hour private training lesson every two weeks to help teach you and your dog how to work as a team
  • A one hour go home lesson 
  • Weekly updates 
  • A one hour follow up training session in home or at the facility
  • Follow ups after going home to ensure the transition back home goes as smoothly as possibly 
  • Hands-on handling and relationship building between the owners and their dog 


[ Drop off opportunities ]

4 week pickup and 3/4 week drop off – ( BOOKED ) 

  • 11/10 am/pm
  • 11/11 pm

4 week pickup and 3/4 week drop off – ( BOOKED )  

  • 12/8 am/pm
  • 12/9 pm

4 week pickup and 3/4 week drop off – ( BOOKED)  

  • 12/15 am/pm
  • 12/16 pm

4 week pickup and 3/4 week drop off – ( BOOKED )

  • 1/5 am/pm
  • 1/6 pm

4 week pickup and 3/4 week drop off – ( 1 SPOT LEFT )

  • 2/2 am/pm
  • 2/3 pm

4 week pickup and 3/4 week drop off – ( 1  SPOTS LEFT)

  • 3/1 am/pm
  • 3/2 pm

4 week pickup and 3/4 week drop off – ( 3 SPOTS LEFT )

  • 3/29 am/pm
  • 3/30 pm

4 week pickup and 3/4 week drop off – ( AVAILABILITY )

  • 4/26 am/pm
  • 4/27 pm


Looking for something specific? Ask us and we will build a plan around your goals


  • 6+ months old (in-tact dogs, in-heat females, and all breeds allowed)
  • Please budget for the cost of a high quality e collar($169) and prong collar($32). Various high quality options to be purchased at Prairie Preak. If you are considering hiring us but are unsure about e-collar training tools or want to learn more please call us.
  • A non refundable training ticket will be sold to hold your spot. 1 hr sessions are prepaid at $120 and are non refundable.
  • Vaccination records showing current rabies, distemper and bordetella to be emailed over to prior to reservation.


  • Bring – Food (or we have some for $2/day), collar (or we provide one for $3/day), and a leash.
  • Don’t bring – Bowls, raw hides, kennels
  • Optional – toys, bed, blankets, chewing treats, or anything to make your dog’s stay more comfortable.