HOWL-O-WEEN Dog Safety Tips!

Happy BARK-tober! With Halloween approaching, the costumes and trick-or-treat festivities begin! It’s important to remember that the constant ringing of the doorbell and increase in people may cause stress to your dog. Here are some helpful tips on how to keep your dog safe and happy!

Create a safe space. This could be the kennel or a room with the door closed. Place their bed, blanket, toys, or whatever will help your dog feel more comfortable.

Play Classical Music! The soothing sound of classical music can help your dog relax and drown out the doorbell.

Fun Fact : here at Prairie Peak Kennels every night we play classical music to help our boarding dogs decompress and have a good night’s sleep! 

Provide a distraction. Prepare a Toppl, lickmat, or kong the night before. Include your pup in the Halloween festivities by adding pumpkin, greek yogurt, kibble, peanut butter, and their favorite treats. Adding pumpkin will not only be a tasty treat but will help settle an anxious stomach. Make sure to put the Toppl in the freezer for a longer lasting treat.

Exercise earlier in the day! Avoid the trick-or-treaters by going on a walk early in the morning with your dog! Physical exercise will release pent up energy and help your dog relax the rest of the day!

Keep the candy bowl out of reach. Candy, chocolate, and wrappers can be toxic for dogs. Keep the bowl in a separate room, up high, and not easy to access from your four legged friend!

Have a happy HOWL-O-WEEN!

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