Day Spa

Prairie Peak Day Spa

Do you want your dog feeling fresh and clean at the end of their stay with us?

At Prairie Peak, we offer a professional quality bathing service or a full groom spa treatment but no coat shaving & trimming.

We offer coat shaving & trimming at our 2nd kennel, Prairie Peak in Fargo.

Our spa professionals are great at helping discover ear infections, removing ticks, getting out matted areas, and providing overall physical health checks to make sure your pup is not only looking their best, but also feeling their best as well.

You never know what you’ll find under all that fur!


Grooming Services

Groom includes: bath, nails, ears, simple brush out, chew

Small Dog (Below 15lbs) - $48
Medium Dog (15-35lbs) - $53
Large Dog (35-75lbs) - $58
Extra Large Dog (75lbs and up) - $73

Spa boarding & training service

$60/day = $420 Recommended 7 days.

This service can help your dog become comfortable with grooming services now and in the future. It’s an investment in their peacefulness while at the spa. This is much more humane than being put under anesthesia at the local vet clinic every time you need a nail trim.

Bath Only

Small Dog (Below 15lbs ) - $22
Medium Dog (15-35lbs) - $27
Large Dog (35-75lbs) - $32
Extra Large Dog (75lbs and up) - $37

Additional Services

Nails - $10
Ears - $10
Extra Brushing - $15

He’s doing good we’ve had 5 customers in our store and Nooo Jumping! We tell him to sit and he stays until I say ok! Amazzzzing day today!! No shocks and a few beeps on collar! Comes when we say his name and Back, Went to the park today and there were kids everywhere so I said Back and he was by my side in 2 seconds! Just wanted to say thank you so very much!”

Tracy and Tony, 1 yr old Mastiff, Guss