Benefits of Dog Daycare

Do you work long hours away from home? Are you going on a family vacation? Does your dog need physical exercise but you don’t have the time? Dog Daycare might be the answer for you and your dog!

Here are some of the benefits to bringing your dog to daycare :

Safe Socialization

Dog Daycare caters to a dog’s natural instinct to be in a pack-like environment. This is a great environment for a dog to interact, play, and learn social cues from other dogs all while Professionals are implementing structure and safety.

Physical Exercise

Most dogs have energy to burn. Make sure to choose a daycare with a large outdoor space that will allow your dog to run and romp with their furry friends! Nothing better than bringing home a tired and satisfied dog.

Routine and Structure

Believe it or not, dog’s thrive off of structure and routine. The daily routine/schedule at a dog daycare will help your dog feel secure and less anxious as they know what is expected of them. If dog’s do not have structure in their life they will feel overwhelmed, overstimulated, and may shut down as they do not know what their next move should be.


Trying to find the right in-home dog sitter can be exhausting. As a dog owner choosing a dog daycare will give you peace of mind knowing your furry companion will be provided meals, water, and a safe place to exercise while you are away!

Are you in the Battle Lake Area looking for a place to care for your dog? Prairie Peak Kennels is a dog daycare facility that will cater to you and your dog’s specific daycare, training, and boarding needs! Give us a call TODAY at 218-405-3213 to get your dog signed up for their first day of daycare!

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