What To Pack Your Dog For Their First Boarding Stay?

The day has finally come for you to hop on a plane and enjoy your beach vacation! Your dog is going to experience their first boarding stay away from home, here are some important items to remember to pack your pup!


Pack enough food for your dog’s boarding stay. If you are going out of town it is always smart to send extra food just in case you face any travel delays! To make it simple for the boarding facility staff you can individually measure out the food into Ziploc baggies and label them “breakfast” or “dinner.” Most boarding facilities provide their own bowls for food and water. If you have a slow feeder bowl or puzzle feeder – feel free to pack that with their belongings. Remember to inform the staff of any special feeding instructions!


Provide your dog’s favorite treats during their stay away from home! Have the staff add treats to your dog’s meal to encourage them to eat. Dental bones are always a great afternoon snack for your pup while they are in their kennel to rest. Pack your dog’s favorite stuffed animal to help comfort them. DO NOT pack bones with any sort of choking hazard such as Raw-Hide, most boarding facilities will not allow your dog to have these types of chews.


Provide comfort for your dog by sending their bed or a blanket that smells like home. After a long day of playing with their pup friends, they will be ready to snuggle up with their favorite blanket.


Pack any special medications or supplements that your dog takes at home. Write a list of clear instructions that will help the staff distribute the medications on time and safely.

Now that your pup has a bag packed full of their favorite items, you can vacation knowing they will be comfortable and happy!

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