Does the Fence Shock Collar Hurt my Dog?

Many people stick with a traditional fence option because they are nervous about shock collars. They worry it will hurt their dog, which is the last thing they want to do. Your nerves are understandable, but the “shock” a dog receives won’t hurt your dog at all.

In-ground or invisible fencing is a great, safe, reliable option to keep your dog safely inside the perimeters of your yard. The shock a dog receives from a shock collar is vastly different than a shock you would receive by touching an electric fence. The correction is generated by a battery and isn’t really a shock. The underground fence sends a signal to the dog’s collar, and that signal is what he feels. It’s merely a correction to startle your dog and make sure he stays within the boundaries of the fence.

Do you know the feeling you get when you receive a light carpet shock? That’s comparable to what your dog will feel when he is corrected. Think of it as more of an annoyance than anything. The shock moves through your dog’s skin and into the muscle. In no way will it be damaging to your dog’s skin cells or impact your dog’s health negatively. Your dog’s skin will not be burned. If your dog is continuously wearing the collar, he might start to feel some irritation due to friction and pressure. You might want to take the collar off at night or whenever he is not outside and in danger of moving past the boundary.

Be sure you do your research before investing in an in-ground fence and shock collar. Search for a reputable manufacturer. You want a safe shock collar for your dog that will not burn his skin. If you’re interested in seeing what it feels like, you can always feel the shock for yourself as well.

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