How Do You Know It’s the Best Boarding Kennel for Your Four-Legged Family Member?

When your dog’s tail starts to wag, ears perk up, tongue falls out, drool hits the floor, starts excitedly barking, and can’t sit still, your pup knows it’s at their favorite kennel for the week. There are many logistics to figure out before taking a business trip or family vacation. What are you going to do with your four-legged family member while you’re gone? Boarding your dog has multiple benefits to you and your furry friend. The logistics of travel are stressful to plan out, but the long car rides or plane rides are also stressful on a dog. Additionally, many hotels aren’t accommodating for pets when it comes to staying in the rooms or having outdoor space for them. To ensure you are at ease while traveling and your dog is safe and happy, review the following factors of boarding kennels.



– Does the facility look and smell clean?

– Is there sufficient light and ventilation?

– Is there a comfortable room temperature?

– Do the staff seem knowledgeable and caring?

– Are pets required to have had vaccinations such as their Kennel Couch vaccination also known as Bordetella, which is commonly contracted at a dog boarding facility?



– What is the indoor to outdoor time ratio for your dog?

– Does each dog have its own kennel?

– Where will your dog sleep, on the concrete or on a dog bed?

– How often are pets fed?

– How are rates calculated?

– What is the separation between the cats and dogs?



– Veterinary

– Grooming

– Training

– Bathing



Know what’s most important to you and your pup. By having them in the right boarding kennel, your dog will relax and feel at home with loving staff and a good place to get comfy. Planning a vacation is stressful enough, put your mind and your dog’s mind at ease by boarding them at a quality kennel.