How to Comfort your Dog at Doggy Daycare


Are you sending your furry friend off to doggy daycare? You might be worried that man’s best friend is going to struggle and miss you in the time that you’re gone—whether that’s a few hours or several days. The truth is that you’re more likely to miss your friend more than he misses you. Your puppy is going to have a wonderful experience at doggy daycare, but there are a few things you can provide him just to make sure he’s extra comfortable.


Favorite Toy

There is plenty for your dog to do to keep him occupied at doggy daycare, like running around with the other dogs and getting in good socializing time, but you’ll also want to make sure he has his favorite toy with him. It will keep him occupied in those downtimes where he isn’t out playing with other dogs.


Food and Favorite Treat

When you’re away from home, you probably still want to enjoy your favorite food, or you’re prepared to indulge in some exquisite cuisine. Your dog shouldn’t be left out. If he’s staying at doggy daycare for a while, of course you want to pack his usual food, but you’ll also want to pack a few treats for him to give him that extra comfort he might be craving.


Blanket that Smells like You

Smell is obviously very important to dogs and their sense of smell is strong. It’s how they make sense of their world. Leaving your scent with your dog at doggy daycare is the perfect way to leave them a reminder of you. Whether it’s a blanket or your favorite old shirt, something that smells like you can ease any mild separation anxiety. It’s also a great form of counterconditioning, in which the dog associates being alone with something good. Your scent with give them a boost of positivity.


Picture of You

A picture of you and your dog to keep in the kennel while he is away for a few days can be the perfect reminder of you that they need to feel comforted.


Before you send your dog off to a new facility, be sure that you pick a place you are comfortable with.

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