Should I Board My Dog?

Summer has finally arrived, which means lake weekends, Fourth of July, family reunions, and vacations! With the busy summer activities, it can be difficult to find a friend or family member to watch your dog. Choose a dog boarding facility to help relieve your stress when it comes to finding care for your dog! 

Here are some of the great benefits to boarding your dog : 

Socialization, Play, Exercise

Your dog will have the opportunity to socialize in a safe and structured environment. Your dog will play and exercise with his/her new furry friends which caters to their natural desire to be in a “pack”. Instead of waiting inside all day for the pet sitter to come home, your dog will be enjoying being outside all day! 


Professionals will be caring for your dog ensuring they have exactly what they need so that you don’t have to worry. While boarding your dog will be provided meal times, water, supervised play and socialization, individual kennel with a bed or blanket, treats, and cuddles to make their experience the best it can be! 


If your dog has any special medications or needs you can find comfort knowing that a professional will be in charge of administering these in a safe and timely manner. 


Let’s say you are hosting a family holiday or party. New faces or large groups of people can be overwhelming for not only the human but the dog as well. Bringing your dog to a boarding facility will help relieve any unnecessary stress.

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